Thomas Dummer

It all started with Tekken on the PlayStation 1. I was four years old and was given a controller by my older siblings. I've played many games of all genres over the years. My girlfriend sometimes has to snatch the controller out of my hand.

In a passionated soccer family, nobody asks you whether you want to be a soccer player, but which club you support. The footballer gene then had an impact on my video game preferences. I spent countless hours playing soccer simulations as a kid and teenager, first at Pro Evolution Soccer and then at FIFA. That's why you'd better not play me in FIFA unless you have a penchant for losing. (Just kidding :D) You won't be surprised if you read my name mostly in connection with FIFA articles.

When I'm not writing articles, you can usually find me on football pitches or in a bar for a beer after work. Feel free to sit down and let's chat about gaming and football.